Enhancing Learner Experience and Engagement through Digital and Mobile Technologies

With MOOCs and various other e-learning initiatives being embarked upon, corporates and universities today are witnessing massive disruption within the landscape of learning and education. But while digitization has revolutionized the mode of learning, the mindset around learning and education has yet to evolve.

Low learner engagement and high drop-out rates online indicate the lack of immersive and digitally optimized programs. Friction between technical, academic and management perspectives is leading to delivery of sub-standard content and curriculum that’s not tailored to changing skill requirements of the job market. There is also a lack of advocacy around assessment processes and recognition of skills gained by the learner.

Hence, the demand for an enriching and personalized learning experience by the online learner remains unfulfilled. With this in mind, The Online & E-Learning 2017 Summit returns for its second chapter to address these concerns.

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Event Themes

Improving Learner Engagement and Retention through and use of social learning tools that encourage collaboration and interaction

Overcoming stakeholder conflicts through effective change management and training initiatives that simply and incentivize collaborative growth

Improving MOOCs and e-Learning by revamping the content and curriculum development process through micro-learning that simply delivery of learning experiences

Developing scalable online programs through ‘Agile’ methodologies without compromising on quality in a cost-effective manner

Featured Speakers

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Why Attend?


Australia’s largest online & e-learning conference providing an eclectic mix of perspectives through dedicated ‘Higher Education’ and ‘Corporate’ streams


Learn from 16+ leading tertiary online and e-learning experts from academic and technical backgrounds on improving student engagement and personalization of the learning process


Hear from 10+ corporate L&D professionals about innovative e-learning models that reduce costs, improve ROI and plan for future workforce-based L&D needs


Hear from 2+ International Keynotes from UK and US for a broadened understanding of the innovative developments in online and e-learning


Gain free access to the co-located Learning Analytics event looking into learning personalization through data-driven insights


Build your professional network of decision makers and senior executives in the industry, through interactive sessions, panel discussions, champagne roundtables, and more

Who Will You Meet?


  •  Head of E-Learning
  •  Head of Online Learning
  •  Vice Chancellor
  •  Program Manager/Director
  •  Head of Learning Design
  •  Dean of School/College/University


  •  Head of Learning & Development
  •  Head of Capability Development
  •  Head of Content Development
  •  Head of Learning Design
  •  Head of E-Learning

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